Burpee Home Gardens New Varieties


Dwarf French bean

A meat alternative!

Big yield, small plant

High-yielding yellow pepper

BushSteak + Baby Boomer

Homeslice + Sweetheart of the Patio

For northern climates

Juicy, succulent French tomato

Tons of fruit, compact plant


Late-flowering basil


Trailing flowers all season long

Excellent heat performance

Adds an abundance of blooms to your patio pots

Petunia Sun Spun® BurgundyVerbena Aztec® Burgundy WinkCalibrachoa Cabaret® White

Calibrachoa Cabaret® Bright RedCalibrachoa Cabaret® Deep BlueCalibrachoa Cabaret® Hot Pink

Petunia Sun Spun® Silver
Lobelia Early Springs™ Lavender Pink
Verbena Aztec® Blue Velvet

Calibrachoa Cabaret® Light PinkPetunia Sun Spun® PinkVerbena Firehouse™ Hot Pink

Calibrachoa Cabaret® WhitePetunia Sun Spun® BurgundyVerbena Aztec® Blue Velvet

Petunia Sun Spun® Lavender StarVerbena Aztec® LavenderLobelia Early Springs™ Lavender Pink