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Tip of the Week with Joe Lamp'l

The Burpee Home Gardens Tip of the Week Podcast provides practical information from gardening expert and national television host Joe Lamp'l. Learn how to grow a bountiful and tasty home vegetable garden! From planting to harvest, we'll share what you need to know, every step of the way.

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play 3 most important things
What you need to know before you garden.
2:47 min

play It's all about soil
A formula for success.
3:06 min

play Amending with organics
A little goes a long way.
3:50 min

play How to make compost
Recycling at its best.
4:08 min

play Planting raised beds
Great growing environment for a productive garden.
4:20 min

play Make notes & take pictures
Document your garden to build on success.
5:40 min

play Garden layouts for better yields
Use these layout guidelines for best garden performance.
4:54 min

play Gardening in containers
Tips for space challenged gardens.
5:29 min

play Patience is a virtue
What to expect from your vegetable plants.
3:16 min

play Time to plant
What you need to know to start off right.
3:06 min

play Mulch is a must
How and why to mulch around your vegetables.
3:26 min

play Understanding companion plants
Growing companion plants offers many benefits.
3:40 min

play Vacation planning
Put your garden on autopilot while you're away.
3:23 min

play Be proactive, not reactive
Staying on top of your garden will eliminate potential problems.
3:13 min

play Support your plants
As plants get taller and heavier, reinforce them with stakes and cages.
3:52 min

play Pull those weeds
Weeds deplete moisture and nutrients, and attract some pests.
3:52 min

play Water-wise gardening
When and how to water to minimize use and keep plants healthy.
3:12 min

play Understanding plant disease
Proactive tips for disease control.
3:49 min

play Proactive pest control
Tips for keeping insects at bay.
3:35 min

play Mid-season Tomato care
Keeping those tomatoes coming on strong.
4:12 min

play Thinning the crop
Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind: Reducing quantity can improve quality.
2:52 min

play Harvesting leafy crops now
How to know when it's time to harvest lettuces and greens.
3:11 min

play Sharing the bounty
What to do with bumper crops.
4:02 min

play Fall vegetable gardening
Extend the season with a second crop.
3:10 min

play Fall gardening tips
Provide a little protection for your cool-season crops.
4:15 min

play End-of-season cleanup
Last steps before putting the vegetable garden to bed.
3:41 min